CZIC GROUP supply concrete pump piston for Putzmeister,Schwing,Zoomlio,Sany,Cifa,Kyokuto,IHI,Sermac etc . In 20 years of experience, research, and development, we have constantly improved our compounds, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting product. The product range covers all brands of concrete pumps, many of which have a choice of rubber or polyurethane. The perfect anchoring between the coating and the steel core, its structural integrity and resistance to abrasion are guaranteed by careful laboratory tests.The unique oil-resistant rubber compound of our pistons ensures a long operating life, even under the most severe conditions,the proven wear-resistant characteristics of polyurethane pistons allow them to last up to three times longer than rubber pistons, without compromising the pumping cylinder’s chrome surface.We have developed a special Teflon grease that considerably improves the sliding of the piston, reduces wear, and enhances quiet operation

Putzmeister Concrete Pump Ram:DN180,DN200,DN230,DN250,Schwing Piston Ram :DN180, DN200, DN230, DN250,Zoomlion: DN180/200/220/230 Sany: DN180/DN200/DN230/DN260,Kyokuto: DN230/225/205,Cifa: DN180/DN200/DN230,IHI: DN205, DN220,Niigata: DN195, DN210,Mitsubishi: DN205


cncrete pump pistonconcrete pump ram

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     CZIC Group also can supply

  • concrete pump pipe
  • concrete pump clamp
  • concrete pump elbow
  • concrete pump reducer
  • concrete pump hose
  • concrete pump s valve
  • concrete pump flange
  • concrete pump cleaning ball and so on .

ST52 Concrete Pump Pipe is very popular in some countries ,Thickness 4.0mm,and working life up to 12,000m³,Every month it will about 4000pcs pipe will export to Korea,India,Vietam,etc..