Our longest lasting DN125/5 Twin-Wall™ System features a 3.00mm wear resistant pipe liner and 1.5mm steel shell, with the ends having a chrome carbide liner to protect the pipe against excessive wear.

P2SK 125/5.5” 2MM+2MM
P2SK 125/5.5” 3MM+1.5MM
P2SK 125/5.5” 2MM+2.5MM
P2SK 125/5.5” 3MM+2MM
P2SK 125/5.5” 3MM+5MM
Part NumberIDLengthThicknessDescription
TW12540A80D5.5/125120 / 3048.157/4.0mmHardened
TW12545A45D5.5/125120 / 3048.177/4.5mmHardened
TW12545B70D5.5/125120 / 3048.177/4.5mmHardened
TW12550A90D5.5/125120 / 3048.197/5.0mmHardened
TW12580A60D5.5/125120 / 3048.314/8.0mmHardened
  • Twin elbow
  • Boom Reducers
  • Sk Couplings
  • Gaskets
  • Valves
  • Support brackets

1. Please confirm the flange size before placing the order.
2. Please pay attention to the thickness of the pipe
2. Please tell us the specific purchase quantity